For Businesses

Our longstanding experience with many businesses (mainly construction companies) has helped us develop a special offer for businesses. It blends high quality performance, low prices and unthinkably short realisation dates. Impossible?

And yet...

These are the reasons why you should begin your cooperation with our company:

  • We’re the leader in printing industry in the Lubelskie voivodeship.

  • We’ve got modern, high-volume production devices at our disposal, which, in connection with highly qualified staff give us enormous processing power.

  • We don’t condone so called "junk contracts". What we want is fairness, and being engaged in our work. That’s why our staff is only hired on the basis of the job contract.

  • We’re the specialists of as-built documentation, we won’t be scared of "tons" of it.

  • In justified cases we’re able to continue working even after the standard opening hours, in extreme cases even 24h/day!

  • We guarantee not only the high quality of our product but also data privacy of the documents entrusted to us.

  • Perforating, stapling, drawings folding, file naming, document assembling etc. can be done at no additional cost.

  • Price estimate of each order is done individually, which increases the appeal of the services we offer.

  • We attach to the orders a detailed tally of services rendered, with an option of settling accounts once a month.

  • We offer delivery to our customers and receive orders in Lublin and its vicinity.

  • We’re a well proven and stable company. Up till now many customers have put their trust in our professionalism, proof of which are our numerous credentials.

We know what to bet on, offering long-term cooperation in full scope of our services.
We‘ll accept any and every challenge…
We’ll do it perfectly and right on time.

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